10 Ways to Improve Your About Us Page [Members Only]

For most businesses, the About Us page on their website is one of the most viewed pages. Generally, it comes in second behind Pricing, not including the Home Page, of course.

Is that true for you?

If it is, you need to ensure it contains good quality content that makes readers feel a connection with your business. That’s why they go there in the first place. They’re looking to know more about you. If you don’t give it to them, you’re missing an opportunity to allow them into your world and make a connection. People buy from those they like.

But what makes an effective About Us page?

One that will resonate with your audience and that means having the following things:

Addressing the COVID Customer’s Content Needs: yes, they’ve changed and you should too

If ever there was a reason to increase and alter your social media and blog posting, it’s COVID. At first, with so much of the workforce at home, there was a lot of traffic online. You may have been happy with the number of reactions and shares you were getting.

But let’s face it, people were bored or they were stressed. Either way, they were looking for an outlet and entertainment. Some wanted to use this time as a way to advance themselves professionally and they launched into all sorts of personal development. But months in, you’re likely seeing a drop off in participation, shares, and interactions.


3 Pieces of Critical Content You Need for Your Business [Members Only]

Content marketing provides the kind of quality content your audience is looking for. Marketers in today’s business climate must yield to the interests of their customers to be successful in the same way that party planners who want people on the dance floor must select music the vast majority of people in attendance will find appealing.

Content marketing has to start somewhere and the best place to do that is with a couple of evergreen pieces. These are strong heavy-hitting, attention-getting pieces of content you know your audience will respond to. Before you begin creating the content suggested here, make sure you have a good understanding of who your ideal customer is (from demographic and preferences standpoints), what they are looking for, and how you can help them. Knowing this vital information is essential to creating content they care about.

Once you know who you’re speaking to, it’s easier to create content personalised for them. If you serve multiple types of customers, either narrow it down to your ideal customer and market only to them, or create several buyer personas and produce  content that will appeal to each segmented group.