5 Creative Ways to Find Employees Post-Pandemic [Members Only]

If you’re running ads along with all the other employers out there, you’re at the mercy of their budgets—and if they have a larger one than you—they may be able to get their wanted ads in more effective places more often. A sign in your place of business can also be effective but only if the right person passes your place. To stand out in this employee’s market, you need to get creative.

The 10 Worst Characteristics in a New Employee

Human resources professionals will tell you hiring is one of the costliest things you can do in your business. Not only are there the hard costs of salary and benefits but the soft ones of bringing someone up to speed, getting them trained, and fitting into your team. There are also hidden costs of replacing someone who turns out to be the wrong hire and the cost of morale when a bad hire sticks around too long and brings the team down. That’s why it’s essential that you chose wisely with every hire even if it’s just a seasonal position.

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Focus Management Services is a specialist consultancy which provides Management,  Sales and Marketing consulting and Recruitment solutions to industry, commerce and public sector organisations.

In particular we specialise in the SME market segments in business to business consulting.

DOME Association Incorporated

DOME offers a quality-driven, FREE recruitment service to your business with immediate access to an extensive register of local, skilled jobseekers aged 40+. DOME’s specialist screening, job matching and personal referral services save your business valuable time and money. Debbie Crook has been DOME’s Regional Consultant for the Fleurieu & Adelaide Hills Regions for the past 14 […]