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  • 5 Professionals You Need on Your Small Business Team
    If you’re a small business owner without the resources to hire a large full-time team, you can still meet your business needs through freelancing or turning to independent business professionals. This can be an economical way to accomplish your goals without having to cover the cost of full-time employees. 5 Professionals Every Small Business Needs […]
  • 5 Components of a Standout Job Description in 2022
    The past two years have brought about a lot of change in business. But many companies haven’t reevaluated their job descriptions. Every time they have a position to fill, they search a hard drive (or folder) and post it. This won’t keep you competitive in the employment arena. While there are basic elements you need in a job description like explaining what the job entails and the expectations, it’s the extras that will inspire people in this job hunter’s market to apply.
  • Efficiency Versus Effectiveness: which will you choose for 2022?
    How do you like to work? Are you a speed or precision person? Do you like many small projects or one big, long one that you can dig into?
  • New Year, New You, New Biz: Find Your Motivation in 2022
    If you’re considering taking on a resolution or making some big changes in your business or yourself, consider these motivational suggestions. They’ll help you make effective use of your time and direction and assist you in building confidence in your skills in 2022.
  • Tips for Having the Best Business Year Ever
    Before you dismiss this as just another end of year article on goal achievement, wait. Haven’t you been putting off your goals long enough? Haven’t you allowed “life” to just happen to your business? Meandering is fine for a walk in the park but if you have your eye set on definitive growth for your business, you need to adjust your focus and hold you and your business accountable. Here are some ideas on how to have your best year yet:
  • Einstein’s Theory of “Goal-a-tivity”: 3 Reasons for Developing Goals
    A goal is like a destination and the plan to achieve that goal is the road map that will get you there. We are all traveling somewhere in this life and in our careers. Without a defined destination and a roadmap to get us there, we have no way of knowing what that destination looks and if we’ve arrived at the right spot.
  • 4 Tips for Getting Your Business Mojo Back
    Work is work. Even those of us who love it go through periods where it’s a grind. If you’re currently in a slump, don’t give up hope. These straightforward ways can help you get your business mojo back.
  • Improve Your Networking Results with a Four-Point Plan
    If you joined BVH to meet new people, grow your network, and get more customers, you’re on the right track. But do you have a plan to make the most of your time investment? If not, you need one.
  • 13 Important Things You Need to Hear as a Business Owner
    Remember, mental health and wellness are not luxuries. You deserve them. Just as you take care of the tools you need to conduct business, you need to take care of yourself.
  • Take the Friction Out of Doing Business with You
    If you want to increase your sales, you need to remove the friction behind doing business with you. Thankfully, it’s easier than you think when you create content around addressing major concerns.
    As you grow, remember you’re not alone. There are many community resources that can help, including Business Victor Harbor.
  • Free (or nearly so) Training for Your Employees
    There are plenty of free training options out there for your staff. The difficulty is in giving them the time for professional development. Offering the courses won’t do you any good if they don’t take them, so make sure you communicate that this is an important part of your business. Your best employees will appreciate the challenge and the additional training. And best of all, it won’t cost you a thing!
  • Dealing with Angry Customers When You’re Short Staffed
    This hiring crisis is a challenging time for managers, staff, and owners. Just when everyone wants to get out and enjoy life again, their favourite businesses are struggling to hire. Some have had to shut down because they don’t have enough employees to operate. These tips will help you calm tempers until things can return to normal employment.
  • Do You Have What It Takes to Become an Entrepreneur?
    Do you have dreams about owning your own business or becoming part of the gig economy? Making your own hours? Working from wherever you want? Then you’re not alone.
  • 3 Solutions to Common Hiring Problems [Members Only]
    Employers are facing an unparalleled time right now, finding it very difficult to recruit good people. For many businesses, it’s difficult to get interest let alone keep someone after their first day. In order to be competitive in the job market, you need to stand out. These tips should help you do that.
  • Think You have a Great Product or Service Idea? Here’s How to Know for Sure.
    Launching a new product or service is not something you want to do because you had a wild idea one morning over coffee or in the shower. There’s a lot more that goes into the launching of that product or service. But research and development can be pricey. Here are 5 (mostly) free ways to test your next product or service offering.
  • 3 Things in Business That Aren’t Worth It [Members Only]
    When it comes to your business, you need to make the most of your day. Avoiding these activities—and others that don’t provide good return on your time investment—is a solid business approach. Look for things that impact your productivity and weed them out of your schedule.
  • Tools for Being a Better Listener When Your Customers Aren’t in the Room [Members Only]
    Most of the time being a better listener means closing your mouth and not thinking about what you will say next. But the real listening help most small business owners need in today’s business climate is digital. Here are some tips on how you can find out what’s being said about you, your business, and the service you provide or product you sell.
  • Simple Tips to Improve Your Time Management in the Work Place [Members Only]
    . Implementing a time management plan can do wonders to not only your working environment but also to you personally. Managing time means less stress, more time to do the things you love and more opportunities for you in the future.
  • 25 Habits of the Most Successful Business People [Members Only]
    The new year is a time of review and introspection coupled with making new promises for the future. We are often filled with a sense of control over our destiny and a desire to begin again. If you’re feeling the same, here are a few ways you can capitalise on the new year’s momentum by […]
  • 4 Ways to Relax During the Crazy Holiday Season [Members Only]
    Maybe you read this title and thought: I don’t have time to read that. I’m too stressed! If you are, take a moment and read this anyway. If you can cut down on your stress levels not only are you less likely to get ill this holiday season, you’ll enjoy it more. Come on. It will only take 3 minutes. Think of it as an investment in your business.
  • The 10 Worst Characteristics in a New Employee
    Human resources professionals will tell you hiring is one of the costliest things you can do in your business. Not only are there the hard costs of salary and benefits but the soft ones of bringing someone up to speed, getting them trained, and fitting into your team. There are also hidden costs of replacing someone who turns out to be the wrong hire and the cost of morale when a bad hire sticks around too long and brings the team down. That’s why it’s essential that you chose wisely with every hire even if it’s just a seasonal position.
  • How Much Do You Spend on Professional Development? [Members Only]
    Regardless of the business that you’re in, there are new skills that we all must be learning. Even if your business is large enough and your budget robust enough that you can afford to pay others to do it, having a cursory knowledge of these new skills is important.
  • 3 Most Common Business Challenges and Ways to Slay Them [Members Only]
    Being a business owner has its rewards and its challenges. If you’ve been in business longer than a hot second, you’ve likely experienced both. Often the freedoms override the dissatisfaction, but if you find that the negatives are wearing on you, don’t get discouraged. The earlier you recognise the most common challenges of business ownership, the more likely you’ll be able to take them in stride.
  • Tips for Pivoting Professionally: breaking into a new industry [Members Only]
    There’s been a lot of information about the need to pivot during COVID-19. Many businesses have switched what they produced or altered their services to fit the new demands of their audience. But sometimes it’s not your business that needs to pivot. it might be something you’ve been thinking about doing professionally.   If you want to switch industries and you have little to no experience, here are some tips that can help you pivot professionally. 
  • 5 Essential Efficiency Tips for the Small Business Owner [Members Only]
    Small business owners often resolve to work more hours for the freedom of choosing their own boss. But any way you look at it, we all have only 24 hours in our day, so working longer has its limits. Still most business owners wouldn’t trade the stress and long hours for anything in the world. Discovering the keys to working smarter will give you more time to enjoy other pursuits.
  • What does emotional intelligence have to do with business? [Members Only]
    There are trends in business that seem like they are dreamed up by coaches selling services. The difficulty today is in identifying which ones are necessary to your business and which ones you can sit on the bench watching for a while. Some will turn out to be fads, and you needn’t bother. Others will become important parts of doing business.
  • The ROI in Giving Back as a Small Business Owner [Members Only]
    Before you say you have no time to give back, or before you grumble about already doing it, this is not your typical post telling you that you need to give back to people who support you in your community. Instead, this article encourages you to give back as a small business owner based of what you will get. These benefits are all about you and your business, a return on your investment of time. Here’s why you should think about giving back:
  • The Key to Employee Engagement is You [Members Only]
    If you want your business to be successful, you need to have a team that can help you attain your goals. Investing in your employees and increasing their engagement level allows you to exceed your customers’ expectations and become a company that everyone wants to work for.
  • 3 Lessons Learned From Frogs About Making Procrastination Croak [Members Only]
    Once your list is summarised and prioritised it’s time to capitalise on the opportunity to do it now. Get to work on completing the items on your list, check them off as you go and move unfinished tasks to the next day. Keeping a prioritised list will minimise your thoughts to procrastinate and help you get more things done, allowing you to sleep better at night.
  • Your Employees Still Need Mid-Year Reviews During COVID: Here’s How to Make Them a Critical Part of Business Success [Members Only]
    Most employees think of reviews as the sand in their bathers. Sure, it comes with a benefit (a day at the beach or, in this case, a great job) but it can be incredibly annoying. Add in a global pandemic and you may be thinking it’s best to just skip them this year. You couldn’t be more wrong. Skipping a mid-year review only adds to your employees’ potential feeling of disconnection. Now, more than ever, you need to ensure your employees feel a strong allegiance to your company and are well-positioned for continued success. Mid-year reviews help you accomplish both of these things and more.
  • 3 Powerful Principles to Achieving Success
    As leaders in industry and in our communities, may we be alerted to the needs of others and harness the power of purpose, passion and people to meet those needs.