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Nominations for BVH Board positions close on 11th October, 2021.

Business Victor Harbor (BVH) is seeking nominations from current financial members fill vacancies on the Board for the upcoming AGM on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

  • 5:00pm to 5:30pm – Business Victor Harbor Annual General Meeting for members
  • 5:30pm to 8:00pm – Quarterly Industry Snapshot

Bookings are essential for both the AGM and the Quarterly Industry Snapshot. Click here to secure your tickets.

As a not for profit chamber of commerce, our goal to further the interests and advocate on behalf of the business community. Our Board works together with local and state government to improve the economic, civic, and cultural wellbeing of Victor Harbor. We’re comprised of professionals who want to achieve business success and help the Victor Harbor community along the way.

Volunteering as a Board member of BVH is a large responsibility and honour but also attracts some of the community’s most well-connected and influential leaders, working towards a vibrant, sustainable and diverse Victor Harbor economy.

Attendance at Board meetings:

The most important qualification of your role as a Board member is the attendance at monthly Board meetings, held once a month (typically the 2nd Tuesday of the month) from 5pm to 8pm.

Attendance at BVH Functions:

One of the reasons for an individual to join BVH is for networking opportunities. Attendance at monthly networking events shows support for BVH and gives members an opportunity air views about BVH operations, Council affairs and business in general.

Representing BVH at all times

One of the things that may be difficult to get used to is understanding that as a board member you represent BVH at all times. This is one of the other most significant board responsibilities and also applies to social media. No, adding “this is just my opinion” on your post does not cover BVH from any negative PR. For instance, if you have a terrible experience with a member business, and post a scathingly negative review on social media, understand that your review may negatively impact BVH. Instead, it would be better to handle your displeasure directly with the business to figure out a solution and not on such a public forum.

Because you are a BVH board member, people may assume that when you speak in public you are speaking on behalf of the chamber.

It’s also important to consider that you may be called upon to become a vocal proponent of a BVH initiative or support the legislative agenda of the chamber.

Confidentiality and Discretion

A Board member is often exposed to confidential information during Board Meetings, during committee meetings, or in conversation with members, officials, members, etc. You will need to keep secret any secrets that have been entrusted to you, whilst freely telling anyone anything they are entitled to know.

  1. preserve, where appropriate, the confidentiality of the BVH’s business;
  2. protect the privacy of the BVH’s contractors, employees, and members;
  3. recognise your accountability to our members, and provide all information on BVH’s performance necessary to give meaning to that accountability.


You will need to be honest and open, and not take any advantage of your position on the board. Board members must not place their own interests, or the interests of any other person or body, before the interests of BVH, or so act as to give the appearance of any such conflict.


You will need to serve fully and without reservations. At all times while acting in your capacity as Board member:

  1. exercise independent judgement on the issues before you;
  2. provide yourself with the information from within and without the organisation necessary to support the exercise of your judgements;
  3. invest the time and effort required to fulfil the requirements of the position by reading the materials, participating fully in meetings, and carrying out any duties assigned by the organisation.


You will need to know what BVH does, and why, and tell the world about it by:

  1. educating yourself continuously to maintain the information base, the skills base, and the qualifications needed to oversee the affairs of BVH effectively;
  2. communicate the significance of the BVH’s mission, its strategy, and its culture to members, employees, stakeholders and the public.


You will work within the law, and within the rules, and see that BVH does too:

  1. ensure to the best of your ability that BVH is observing sound financial practices and managing potential risks effectively, and is at all times in its dealings with other parties capable of meeting its legal and financial obligations;
  2. ensure to the best of your ability that BVH is complying with all applicable federal, state and local legislation and regulation;
  3. observe the provisions of the BVH constitution, its bylaws, its standing orders and its policies.


You must treat the people involved with the organisation respectfully, fairly and without prejudice by:

  1. observing and promoting the human rights of all persons touched by the work of the organisation;
  2. oppose prejudice, address disadvantage, and promote diversity in all aspects of the governance and the management of the organisation;
  3. treat colleagues, members and the community with courtesy and respect.

Knowledge of current events

BVH Board members are an important force in the growth of the community. Keeping up to date with current affairs, especially as they relate to the business community, is one of the Boards’ most important responsibilities.

A commitment of time

You can expect to devote approximately 5-8 hours per month of your time to the meetings, programs, and duties of BVH.

You will be expected to exercise your business knowledge for the betterment of BVH and the business community, and you will be called upon to vote for things that will affect the future direction of the organisation.

Finally, being a BVH board member is a great honour and responsibility. Board responsibilities give you the opportunity to see your business community in a new light and meet many new people.

By joining the Board, you will become a member of Institute of Community Directors Australia and must comply with the  Community Directors Code of Ethics and Conduct. In doing so, you will be recognised by the ATO as responsible persons, for the duration of your membership.


In accordance with our constitution, in order to nominate for a Board role, the person and business must:

  • Be a current financial member of Business Victor Harbor (excluding Associate memberships);
  • not be insolvent or under administration;
  • not be convicted on an indictment of an offence in connection with the promotion, formation
    or management of a body corporate;
  • not be convicted of an offence involving fraud or dishonesty punishable on conviction by imprisonment for a period of not less than three months;
  • be convicted of an indictable offence;
  • not have been convicted of a criminal offence within the previous 5 years

Board Vacancies

For 2021, there are a total of 4 vacancies for a board term of 1 year, consisting of:

  • Deputy Chairperson – 1 year
  • Treasurer – 1 year
  • 4 x Ordinary Board Positions

Nominate Now

Privacy Notice: The personal information collected on this form will be used exclusively for the purpose of validating the eligibility of the nominee for the election as a Board member under Business Victor Harbor’s Constitution, and to establish the nominee’s experience and suitability to be a Board member. Details will be retained by Business Victor Harbor for official record keeping and in relation to the conduct of the election at the AGM. Selected personal details provided by the nominee may be used in the production of election material and be published and issued to all Business Victor Harbor members eligible to vote.