Why Join

Business Victor Harbor, as a chamber of commerce, is a not for profit membership organisation that advocates on behalf of local businesses. We are backed by a volunteer board that is comprised of business people from the local community (Meet the current board HERE)

Our goal is to be a resource, advocate, and connector for south coast businesses.

Members enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • Credibility: You can increase positive perception among consumers and business owners when you’re identified as a member of BVH.
  • Increase your visibility in the community: As a new member, you will be listed in our newsletter and have an opportunity to advertise by sponsoring events.
  • Promotion and Publicity: With membership, you can reach potential clients through member exclusive advertising and opportunities for business-to-business advertising and publicity.
  • Create networking opportunities: Regular opportunities to network with other local business people.
  • Visibility: Your business listed in our online directory, whilst also increasing traffic to your website. 
  • Customer referrals:  BVH often receives calls from individuals and business looking for potential vendors, and chamber members typically recommend other members. 
  • Events and programs: BVH provides members with opportunities to meet new people and expand their prospect base. Events are a fun way to help members meet potential vendors, clients and customers. 
  • A voice in economic development policy with the City of Victor Harbor.

Schapiro Study: “Consumers are 80% more likley to buy from chamber members”

According to The Real Value of Joining a Local Chamber of Commerce conducted by the Schapiro Group, when consumers know that a business is a member of the local chamber, there is now a 49% increase in favorability
toward that business. This study also found:

  • When consumers know that a business is a member of the local chamber, there is a 49% increase in favourability toward that business;
  • When consumers perceive that a business is a chamber member, there is a 73% increase in consumer awareness and a 68% increase in local reputation;
  • Consumers are 80% more likely to patronise a business in the future that they believe is a member of the local chamber of commerce;

The study also has more good news for chamber members that sell to other businesses (B2B):

  • When business decision makers believe a business is a chamber member, favourability increases by 42% , perceived awareness and reputation grows to 78% and 65%, respectively; plus the likelihood of future patronage increases by 74%;

Supporting the previous findings, the study also reveals a positive perception for the local chamber itself:

  • Regarding the chamber’s impact on the local economy, 86% of respondents believe that the local chamber of commerce helps create jobs and promotes local economic development

The Impacts of Chamber Membership on Small Businesses

% Increase in Favourability% Increase in Awareness% Increase in Reputation% Increase in Future Patronage
Consumers44 %51 %57 %63 %
Business Decision Makers37 %51 %58 %59 %
This table indicates that if consumers are aware that a small business is involved with its local chamber great benefits emerge. For example, the table indicates that if consumers know that a small business is a member of the chamber of commerce, the business enjoys a 44% increase in its consumer favourability rating.

How Effectively Business Strategies Communicate Specific Traits about a Company

(Business Strategies)TraitTraitTraitTrait
Uses good business practicesReputableCares about customersCommunity Involvement
Being active in the local chamber of commerce29% more effective26% more effective13 % more effective12 % more effective
Sponsoring events around the communityEqually effective10 % more effective20 % more effective24 % more effective
Encouraging employees to volunteer19 % more effective14 % more effective13 % more effective15 % more effective
Giving out scholarships to local studentsEqually effectiveEqually effective28 % more effective36 % more effective
Encouraging employees to donate to a charityEqually effectiveEqually effectiveEqually effectiveEqually effective
The above percentages show just how effective of a business strategy being active in a chamber really is. For example, consumers say that being active in the local chamber is 29% more effective for communicating that a company uses good practices than it is for making a general statement about the company.

More reasons to become a member: