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  • 5 Professionals You Need on Your Small Business Team
    If you’re a small business owner without the resources to hire a large full-time team, you can still meet your business needs through freelancing or turning to independent business professionals. This can be an economical way to accomplish your goals without having to cover the cost of full-time employees. 5 […]
  • 5 Great Lessons from Customer Service Mistakes
    Disappointing experiences don’t have to be the end of the customer relationship. There are many ways to salvage the relationship and help re-establish trust.
  • How Easy Is It to Do Business with You?
    It’s not uncommon to hear old timers (of any age) complain that young people don’t have it as hard as they did. It’s a common lament that younger generations are not as battle worn as the Silent Generation. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen. But the […]
  • 27 Engaging Ways to Use Mother’s Day in Your Marketing
    This year, have some fun with Mother’s Day and use it to get more engagement with your audience while also bring smiles to many faces.
  • Do You Have These 10 Things on Your Business Website? You Should.
    These things are just the beginning of what you need in a high conversion website. There’s a lot more you can do but start off with these basics and you’ll be setting yourself up for success.
  • Engagement = Content: Good for You and Your Audience
    Good content creates loyal, engaged followers. In turn, a loyal audience (eventually) will create content for you. Best of all, that type of content, known as referral marketing or word of mouth marketing, is not only one of the strongest in converting new followers and creating an army of people willing to give you money, but also free, minus the time it takes to nurture that type of follower.
  • 6 Ways to Promote Value in Your Product/Service
    If you’re like most business owners these days, you’re faced with the fact that increasing prices is inevitable. Even if it pains you to do so, your costs are increasing, and you likely must pass those along to your customers if you want to remain in business. If that’s the case, these ways to increase perceived value should help you both feel better about the necessity of doing so.
  • 3 Creative Ways to Become Top of Mind
    So how do you ensure you’re top of mind and that they will think about your business over the competition? You need to find a way to stand out and be memorable. A good product or service is the first step. Good customer service is also a solid choice. But to truly stand out you must do something slightly different.
    Leading up to Christmas, there’s a battle that occurs for consumer dollars. The big guy against the little guy, the brick-and-mortar versus the online retailer, everyone is looking for a bigger piece of the pie. It’s time to start thinking about your holiday marketing. Mobile If you want to improve […]
  • 26+ Pieces of Summer Content You Need for Your Business
    These topics require very little research and many provide an opportunity to showcase something in your area outside of your own business. Those types of nice moments mean a lot to the group you’re showcasing and may lead to an increase in audience numbers for you as they share the mention too.
  • Local Business Takes on the Supply Chain Crisis
    Some local businesses may have the advantage this holiday season. If you’re among the fortunate that’s not disrupted by the supply chain, these marketing tips can help you have the best season ever.
  • Hey Guys!! Lessons from Influencers
    Businesses can learn a lot from influencers. While you may not be able to hire influencers yourself (it’s not always in the budget), you can use how they operate and amass large followings to make stronger connections with your audience.
  • 5 Ways Your Retail Business Is Losing Out on Sales
    If you want people to buy from you, you need to be friendly and open. Think of every person who enters as a possible touchpoint for a sale. Even if they don’t buy from you, there’s a chance they will refer someone or speak of your operation, and you may get that sale down the line. If you want to increase sales, don’t make these mistakes.
  • 15 Ideas for Increasing Your Revenue Quickly [Members Only]
    If you’re like most businesses, you’re probably looking for ways to increase your revenue. Here are some things you can do right now as well as a few other ideas you can start implementing for long-term increases.
  • 4 Things Your Business Should Continue Post-COVID
    There are certain conveniences (and necessities) that businesses adapted during COVID that customers have become accustomed to. So, if you’re making plans for a “return to normal” you may just want to re-evaluate what that looks like based on your customers’ newly developed expectations.
  • 4 Spring Cleaning Data Tips for More Sales [Members Only]
    There’s an excitement in the air that has not been there for a while. Use this renewed energy to take a second look at your digital marketing. Make some quick tweaks and get ready for summer and increased sales.
  • How to Take Your Customer Relationship to the Next Level
    Do you want to wow your existing customers? Are you ready to take your “relationship” with them to the next level? Then it may be time to grab your data and do some personalised marketing.
  • Don’t Open a Business Before Answering These Questions
    making a bad first impression or targeting the wrong audience. That can be hard to recover from. Before you hang that open sign and put out your welcome mat, ensure you know the answers to the following questions.
  • Crushing Business Growth & Automation Goals with an Intelligent Digital Strategy
    These days, more than ever having a strong and reputable online presence is absolutely vital for driving sustainable growth in small businesses. In this short 3 minute read we will depict an overview of the winning strategy business owners around the globe are using right now to grow their business, increase profitability and reduce unnecessary stress.
    One of the things marketing consultants and business coaches will tell you is to be yourself on social media and in your blogging. Let your tone come through and allow people to get to know you. Your personality will help you stand out. And it does, whether you have a good one or a bad one. Here’s some things you may be doing that are causing you to lose customers.
  • 6 Things Your Blog Should Be Doing for Your Business
    Most business people don’t have the time, desire, or interest to add to their business blog. But what they do have is an appreciation of what a blog can do for their business. Even with all the changes in technology, the increase in the popularity of videos and podcasts, and the growing disinterest in reading (for some), blogs still have a place in business. Your business blog should be one of your hardest working marketing tools. Let’s talk about why
  • Social Media Is Not Just for Recruiting Customers
    Social media is a wonderful way to get attention from a recruiting perspective. It helps you stand out and entices people to want to work for you. Remember these days retention and recruiting on social media are just as important as bringing in new customers.
  • Master the Basics of Good Content to Increase Sales
    Writing does take time but if you think about your audience, their needs, struggles, and interests and how your own might mirror those, you will always have content topics and intriguing angles.
  • 50 Social Media Questions for Awesome Engagement [Members Only]
    Here are 50 conversation starters for your business. That’s about two months of work-week posts already done for you!
  • 50 Cool Things to Post to Instagram for More Business Followers [Members Only]
    If you’re trying to reach a younger or more visual audience, Instagram may be the place for you and your business. As this article shows, there are tons of ways to connect with your audience over a visual media and it needn’t all be pics of what you sell. Get creative. Have some fun and start seeing how pictures can bring you closer to the people who will eventually buy from you.
  • 30 Ways To Make People Love You On Social Media [Members Only]
    If your social media accounts have stagnated, it’s time to jumpstart them with these ideas.
  • Building Trust in a Post-Pandemic World
    Trust is hard to build but easy to destroy. Think about your interactions with businesses and what made you feel distrusting then do your best to be as open as possible with the people who want to do business with you.
  • How to Ace Pinterest for Your Business [Members Only]
    If you’ve been considering amping up your Pinterest presence, now is the perfect time. The platform has an extremely high sales conversion rate and reaches almost an entire gender in their buying prime.
  • How to Seduce the Customer When Your Business Isn’t Sexy [Members Only]
    As business people we sometimes envy those marketers who have “sexy” brands to market, brands that appeal to customers on an emotional level. Brands like Harley Davidson and the Parisian Tourism Bureau seem to have it made because their product screams sexy. What about those of us who have decidedly less heart-thumping, albeit needed, products? How do you get people excited about plumbing, for instance?
  • The Do’s and Dont’s of an Effective Business Apology [Members Only]
    If you own a business, it’s inevitable that at some point someone will become disenchanted with you, your service, or a decision that you made. When that happens, if you’re in the wrong, you’ll need to issue an apology. While you don’t need to include all 6 of these components that go into creating an effective apology, researchers found that the more of them you use, the more likely the customer is to accept the apology and do business with you in the future.
  • Help! I’m a Small Business Do I Really Need These Digital Media Tools? [Members Only]
    This list was compiled for those who are challenged with time and money. But if you have both, you should consider the benefit to your business before deciding not to do any of them.
  • The Most Common Reasons You Don’t Have More Customers [Members Only]
    Sales could always be better, right? Here are a few tips on how you can turn things around fast.
  • Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Use Experiential Marketing [Members Only]
    Do you feel like your business is just shouting into the wind? Does it seem like the time you spend on social media is extensive but yields few results? Are you sick and tired of Zoom calls that take too long and accomplish too little? If so, it might be time to think about experiential marketing.
  • Things to check before posting to social media [Members Only]
    One of the most embarrassing things you can do on social media for your business is to mess up a post. For some of us, that might be a spelling or grammar mistake, for others, it may involve a humiliating auto-correct situation. For others still, it might mean giving away a company secret earlier than intended. Whatever it is that you’ve done or might do, you can ensure it doesn’t happen again with this handy social media post checklist.
  • Don’t Be Scared: 4 Ideas for Halloween-themed Business Marketing [Members Only]
    Getting into the Halloween spirit at your business can help you amass a following, have some fun, and bring in more revenue. Here are several ideas on how you can do that without spending a lot of money
  • How to use Instagram for business [Members Only]
    You can lose hours on Instagram looking at all of the gorgeous eye candy, but did you know it’s also a very effective marketing tool for business?
  • The Power and Problem with Free in Your Business [Members Only]
    Today, as a business professional, you’re expected to give a certain amount of your knowledge away for free. It’s simply the professional standard. While we can argue whether you should do this or not, the truth is much of your competition is probably already offering free content and other benefits of their knowledge. If you don’t do the same, you will lose out.
  • How to Improve Your Business’ Referral Marketing with BVH [Members Only]
    Referral marketing allows your loyal customers to “sell” for you by referring others to your business. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, getting helpful reviews and referrals is not as easy as just providing good service or a worthwhile product. The disconnect is seen in a Texas Tech University study, which revealed […]
  • 10 Ways to Improve Your About Us Page [Members Only]
    Creating an About Page that increases conversions is easy; just think about how your best friend would talk about you and your business. Show how you help and why you love what you do.
  • 4 Must-have’s for an Awesome Business Newsletter [Members Only]
    Newsletters are a great way to stay connected with your audience, especially if you have a long buying process or you run a business that thrives on repeat business. If either of those things is true, sending out a newsletter can keep you top of mind even when your customers aren’t quite ready to buy what you sell. Newsletters are a good nurturing and connection tool when you offer your audience something they want.
  • The Biggest Unused Advantage Small Businesses Have Over Box Stores [Members Only]
    Some days it feels hard to compete with the loss leaders big box stores employ, the operating hours they’re able to keep, the programs, their ad budget, their marketing…the list goes on. But small businesses do have an advantage box stores don’t and it’s one that’s rarely used. Small businesses […]
  • 10 Social Media Actions to Stop Doing Immediately
    Social media is about building relationships and allowing your customers, and potential customers, to get to know you better as you get to know them (and their preferences) better as well. But if you’re doing these 10 things, chances are you’re not only chipping away at any relationship-building potential but […]
  • 20 Inexpensive Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Customers [Members Only]
    While each business is different, and you should analyse your own to see how these ideas or even better ones fit in, most businesses present these types of opportunities that can be customised to make an impact on your customers. Things like improving the wait or surprising them in little ways are particularly effective.
  • 3 Pieces of Critical Content You Need for Your Business [Members Only]
    Content marketing provides the kind of quality content your audience is looking for. Marketers in today’s business climate must yield to the interests of their customers to be successful in the same way that party planners who want people on the dance floor must select music the vast majority of people in attendance will find appealing.
  • How to improve your business reputation for free [Members Only]
    Whether you are a new business looking to build your reputation, a seasoned business needing to do some reputation management, or if you simply want some ideas to get your business name out there, here is a list of ways you can positively build your business reputation