JULY LOCKDOWN: Estimating the impact of the July 2021 lockdown on SA businesses

Business SA recently conducted a detailed survey of members and the broader business community to assess the true impact on business resulting from the July 2021 lockdown and the wider economic loss, estimated between $316m to $446m (including $67m to $83m across the regions alone). We had a strong response from over 430 businesses, more than any comparable business survey. This has provided us with statistical confidence in the results contained in the attached survey report released this week.

To better understand what business needs as we move through the pandemic, it is important for Business SA as the peak employer body to accurately capture this information. We are not doing this to create a headline, but to play a role in communicating the impacts of severe periods of restrictions in order for Governments to most appropriately balance the health and economic impacts and outcomes of COVID.

One key takeaway message from the report, was the wide range of revenue losses and associated direct costs incurred for businesses in different industries and at varying sizes. In the event of a future lockdown, we intend this report to help ensure support is constructed in a way that fairly supports all businesses impacted.

The mental health impacts of lockdowns on business owners and their staff also came out very strongly in our recent survey response. Although this is not typically a core focus for a Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the significance of the impact on what are usually quite resilient business owners cannot be ignored.

In all of this, we recognise that at some point health concerns may force South Australia into another lockdown, which we recommend isn’t state-wide by default, and we need Government to be fully cognisant of impacts that will ensue for the business community.

For any enquires related to this letter, please contact Andrew McKenna, Director Policy and Advocacy, on (08) 8300 0009 or [email protected]

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