JobKeeper Coming To An End – What You Need To Know

The Federal Government’s JobKeeper scheme is coming to an end on 28 March 2021, meaning that businesses will no longer be entitled to receive payments for their eligible employees.

To assist you, The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has prepared a JobKeeper Update which provides information on key actions to help prepare for the end of the JobKeeper payments and Fair Work Act JobKeeper provisions.

There is no strict legislative requirement that employers must notify employees of the end of JobKeeper payments or JobKeeper enabling directions. However, it is recommended that employees be notified nonetheless. Template letters have been drafted for use by individual employers and can be accessed through the JobKeeper Update available in the link below.

These letters can be tailored to suit the employer’s specific circumstances prior to use by contacting one of the Senior Consultants, Workplace Relations at Business SA on (08) 8300 0000.

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