Executive Officer

This is a truly outstanding opportunity to become the new Executive Officer (EO) of Business Victor Harbor (BVH).

BVH is a chamber of commerce providing a voice to business to assist and coordinate in growing economic prosperity, and positively advocates for the future direction / opportunities for Victor Harbor and surrounding region. Our goal is to drive and support a vibrant, sustainable and diverse economy and support community development.

Reporting to the BVH Board, the EO will be fully responsible for ensuring the operational efficiency and effectiveness of Business Victor Harbor, as well as carrying out strategic initiatives as determined by the Board. 

The new EO will be a successful leader with commercial business experience encompassing a diverse background, who has reported to a Board, managed and implemented a broad range of strategies and had responsibility for financial budgets, programs, grant funding, people and systems. 

This position requires the ability to work from home, and will be engaged on a contractor basis for approximately 30 hours a week for a 1 year term, with the possibility of extension. The successful applicant will need to have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and demonstrate sufficient insurances to support the nature of the work outlined. 

The successful applicant will be appointed and measured against details outlined within this position description report directly to the BVH Executive Committee (Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Treasurer and/or Secretary), whilst also managing and assigning work to our Member Services (sub-contractor). 

Political nous and good judgement for issues management will also be essential for success in this role. 

Applications close 13th June

Email: Michael Schubert, Chairman, Business Victor Harbor: