WEBINAR Facing COVID-19 angry customers

Facing challenging, COVID-19 angry customers?

With the current complexities of COVID-19, we are hearing more about ‘COVID-19 anger’ and how our frontline employees are being confronted with poor customer behaviour.

Join Business SA facilitator David Watts and Anita Benovic from SA Health for a free webinar at 4.30pm Thursday 9 December that explores tools for your staff to deal with aggressive behaviour. Attendees will learn tactics to de-escalate conflict through understanding how behaviour, tone and body language can inflame or minimise a situation. 

With businesses being required to maintain ongoing COVID-19 compliance, SA Health will provide some practical solutions to assist your business in being proactive and maximise the uptake of compliance by your customers. If you are having challenges in this space and have a question you want raised, please enter it in the section provided when registering. 

Facing challenging, COVID-19 angry customers webinar

  • Presenters David Watts, Business SA facilitator and Anita Benovic, SA Health
  • Date Thursday 9 December 2021
  • Time 4.30pm – 5.30pm
  • Location Online