Reinvention Webinar Series

Your willingness and ability to reinvent yourself and your business may prove to be the most important action you take to survive 2020. Learn from those who have done it.

Reinventing your products, services or your business itself may be amongst the most important actions you take to navigate the turbulence of 2020.

If we have learned anything from the experiences over the past few months, it is that business with the ability to pivot and re-invent themselves will survive and thrive.

REINVENTION is the third series of webinars being presented by Business SA, following success of our RESILIENCE and RECOVERY series’. With restrictions easing, now is the time to make sure your own goals and your business model is robust enough to be successful.

Our first event in the REINVENTION series will your business shrink or shine this year? focuses on key principles for personal and business success.

Business SA’s Chief Executive Officer, Martin Haese will share with you insights behind his seven key principles for personal and business REINVENTION.

To register for the event, held on Thursday 30 July from 6:30 – 7:30pm, click the ‘Register Here’ button below.