Drivers of Profit in Business Breakfast – FREE for BVH Members

This session explores the key drivers of Profit in a business, and how to ‘tweak’ these to advantage your clients and your Business. It gives you practical examples of how other businesses have ”pivoted” to gain a competitive advantage. It also explores some tried and true foundation basics that you may not have considered lately!

The information shared over this breakfast will help you to “capitalise” on real aspects of your business….so that you can achieve your goals….with an economy of effort!!

Spots are limited, get in quick!

Valued at $109, FREE for Business Victor Harbor members!

You can register online by the following link –

At this session Peter will help you:

  • Find more new clients
  • Gain more repeat business
  • Add another 40 percent to your profit this year!!
  • Does your business’ uniqueness turn more customers into clients
  • Develop loyalty in your business
  • Dramatically increase your sales
  • Clarify your most important 2022 goals

Hotel Victor - 1 Albert Place, Victor Harbor, SA 5211 Australia