Business Victor Harbor Business Collaboration Networking Event

Business Victor Harbor is holding a Business Collaboration Networking Event on Tuesday June 1st at Loco’s Victor Harbor to update members and stakeholders on the chamber’s position regarding the City of Victor Harbor’s ‘Differential Rating Policy Review’. BVH Executive Officer Derek McIlroy will lead the discussion and will also cover the Victor Harbor Arts and Culture Centre and the Mainstreet Upgrade Stage 5 (Grosvenor Gardens and Coral Street), which are both open for public consultation. 

We will also provide an update on the ‘Victor Harbor Place Re-branding Campaign’ (formerly known as ‘Breathe Victor’) by Deputy Chair Kirsten Pitman who is leading the steering committee for this initiative.

BVH recently made a detailed submission to the City of Victor Harbor regarding the council’s ‘Differential Rating Policy Review’ (as part of regularly scheduled rating base reviews), which proposed a reduction or removal of the differential rate on commercial and industrial properties whilst increasing the rate for rural, residential properties and vacant land.

Whilst Business Victor Harbor encourages any activity that reduces the business cost base to operators and enhances return on investment for risk taken to operate a business, we strongly support the continuation of the differential rate for commercial and industrial property, on the condition that businesses have a much broader and meaningful say on what the rate is spent on, namely proper economic development. A continuation of the differential rate ensures that our community continues to grow and be sustainable.

You can learn more about BVH’s position on the ‘CVH Differential Rating Policy Review’ here.

Along with these informal presentations, attendees will have an opportunity to network and enjoy delicious Loco finger food and some drinks.

We hope to see you all there!


Loco Mexican - 17-21 Ocean Street, Victor Harbor, SA 5211 Australia

BVH Member: $ 16.50
Non Member: $ 27.50
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