Building Motivation through COVID-19

One thing that COVID has given us is a complete shift in how we spend our time and where! We can all be forgiven for having moments where we feel frustrated, overwhelmed – at any time in life; there can be reasons why we feel unmotivated or fatigue and a pandemic is right up there. Yet, it might also be the perfect time to set one goal and nail it.

The most crucial use of personal influence is how we motivate ourselves, how we make a positive change to provide a greater sense of balance and enjoyment in our work and life. The primary focus of this workshop is for participants to take the time to set a goal in one of their life domains.

What’s covered:

  • Why goal accomplishment is so important for wellbeing?
  • Get Clarity: Personal feedback wheel.
  • The Map: including the support crew and the strengths you’ll need.
  • Staying motivated when it’s tough.
  • The goal and how you’ll celebrate.

Tuesday, 24 November at 9.30am until 11am.

Zoom Meeting Registration: $ 0.00
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