Drivers of Profit in Business Breakfast – FREE for BVH Members

This session explores the key drivers of Profit in a business, and how to ‘tweak’ these to advantage your clients and your Business. It gives you practical examples of how other businesses have ”pivoted” to gain a competitive advantage. It also explores some tried and true foundation basics that you may not have considered lately!

Inclusive Tourism

By working directly with tourism professionals to build awareness of inclusive tourism, Push Adventures aim to improve the traveller experience and drive more visitors across Australia.

Cultivating Wellness in the Workplace

In this 2 hour session, experienced business coach and Business Victor Harbor board member Craig Cooper will take you on a journey of self discovery of transforming your business culture to perform to an exceptional level.

Wellness Tourism Unearthed

Wellness Tourism Unearthed is an event designed to engage and upskill the Australian wellness and tourism industry. The event will dive deep into best practice from successful businesses and provide you with tools to adapt or enhance your current offering. Embrace the latest marketing ideas to target the wellness traveller while fostering new collaborations and business opportunities with other attendees.

Cultivating Wisdom and Resilience in Men: Full-Day workshop

Combat Stress, anxiety, burnout, depression, and introduce empowering self care strategy’s beyond our current belief systems.

Advanced Coaching, Mindfulness, Mediation, Grounding, Reconnecting to our Intuition through inner journey to self and nature.

Join Craig Cooper on this epic full-day of personal embodiment and transformation.

Blogging for Online Content

Blogging is a marketing activity in which you write a series of short or long articles and publish them on your website using a blogging mechanism. When done strategically and thoughtfully, blogging has the power to boost your SEO and become a sustainable marketing activity.

How to Prepare for Selling Online

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 10:00 am – 12:00 pmIn this workshop from Adelaide Business Hub, experienced marketers will help you take a structured approach for gearing up for online sales.The workshop will cover: How to plan your online sales strategy How to choose between the various Ecommerce channels (your own website, Facebook, Shopify, etc) How […]