COVID-19 Resources

On this page you will find dedicated information and resources for your business to respond to COVID-19 and plan for the future.

SA Health Latest Updates

For the latest information on South Australia’s COVID-19 response, see SA Health COVID-19 Website Here

Industrial Relations Phone Advice Line

In partnership with the Fair Work Ombudsman,  Business SA can provide industrial relations advice to businesses covered by Commonwealth Workplace Laws. Business SA can assist you to understand your workplace obligations including and any questions you have may have in relation to Modern Awards, classification of employees, rates of pay, general human resources matters, disciplinary, termination and more.

You don’t need to be a Member: all you need to do is contact one of the Workplace Advisers on (08) 8300 0000


ACCI has prepared this guide on JobKeeper 2.0, which seeks to explain and answer some of the more common questions employers may have around the payment scheme and related Fair Work Act flexibilities. Click here to download

Guides, Forms and Templates for Business

Conditions have changed dramatically for businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic with some standard practices no-longer applicable, while things like the importance of workplace hygiene have risen dramatically.

Business SA has collated a range of resources to help your business navigate the challenges faced by COVID-19, particularly when it comes to workplace relations and work health and safety.

We will continue to add to this library as new information becomes available. Click here to view more

Support, Incentives and Stimulus for Business

A range of financial support packages have been announced to help businesses cope with the COVID-19 outbreak.

These support packages cover all range of business owners from sole trader to large companies.

This information is being continuously updated as more support packages are announced.

Click here for overview of Federal Government Support

Click here for overview of State Government Support

Members Only Articles: Adapting your business to COVID-19

Following is a preview of members only COVID-19 resources. To view the full articles, please log in to your member account by clicking here. If you are an existing customer and have not yet registered for online access, click here to register.

  • What Customers Want Post-Pandemic
    Will you continue these customer favourites once we come out on the other side of this pandemic or will you go back to how you used to do things years ago?
  • 15 Ideas for Increasing Your Revenue Quickly [Members Only]
    If you’re like most businesses, you’re probably looking for ways to increase your revenue. Here are some things you can do right now as well as a few other ideas you can start implementing for long-term increases.
  • 4 Things Your Business Should Continue Post-COVID
    There are certain conveniences (and necessities) that businesses adapted during COVID that customers have become accustomed to. So, if you’re making plans for a “return to normal” you may just want to re-evaluate what that looks like based on your customers’ newly developed expectations.
  • Cash grants ‘lifeline’ for SA small businesses and income support payments for regional workers
    Tens of thousands of South Australian small and medium-sized businesses that suffer a significant loss of income or have been forced to close as a result of the state’s seven day lockdown will be offered a $3,000 emergency cash grant as part of a major financial assistance package announced yesterday by the Marshall Liberal Government.
  • How COVID Is Changing the State of Work
    We may soon hit herd immunity. And with that, there will likely be more allowances. However, the changes businesses have made during the pandemic will have ripple effects on the state of work far into the future.
  • 5 Creative Ways to Find Employees Post-Pandemic [Members Only]
    If you’re running ads along with all the other employers out there, you’re at the mercy of their budgets—and if they have a larger one than you—they may be able to get their wanted ads in more effective places more often. A sign in your place of business can also be effective but only if the right person passes your place. To stand out in this employee’s market, you need to get creative.
  • 6 Signs of a Healthy Business
    Is your business healthy outside of the balance sheet? Go through this list and ask yourself how many of these qualities your business meets. If you’re missing a few, you may want to see how quickly you can add them. After all, they are a good indicator of business health long before you begin to see signs of trouble in the balance sheets or books.
  • 3 Small Business Lessons to Learn During COVID [Members Only]
    This has certainly been a weird year. As we begin to adjust to our new reality, there are some things you could be doing in your business that may help you out in the post-COVID time. We can’t say it will ever be a return to normal. We’ve lost our innocence in some ways. Preparing for the worst in the past would never have (completely) readied us for this. But hopefully we’ve learned a thing or two to help us with future business.
  • 6 Things People Want in Businesses Operating During COVID [Members Only]
    First, it’s not only important to change business processes to help ease customers’ worries over safety but it’s equally important to make sure that you tell customers and market what you’re doing. You’re changing how you do business. Make sure your customers know what you’re doing.
  • 7+ Must-make COVID Content Changes for Improved Engagement
    Our lives and our businesses have changed a lot during the time of COVID. We have changed how we reach customers and likely how they buy from us. Some of us have had to shut down. During this time, your website should be one of your strongest sales tools. Just as your business has changed, […]
  • 9 Marketing Tips for the “New Normal” [Members Only]
    Are you tired of the words “new normal” yet? If you’re like most business owners, you probably are. But whether we recognise it as a new shift in how we do business or a temporary tack we take to survive the current economic storm, the point is how you do business has to change if you want to continue to connect to your audience.