Puzzle Pink

Calm, Communicating, Counselling
Flourishing Facilitator
Goolwa to Victor Harbor
Mobile; Skype; Phone; In-House
Appointments may be arranged outside normal consulting hours.
Sessions/ Training are able to be structured to suite your needs.

Joanne Lukehurst

Founder Puzzle Pink, Counsellor, Mentor, Flourishing Facilitator, Laughter Leader, Consultant

In every sector of life strong communication skills are needed however sometimes so much effort is wasted for little effect.

You may be anxious and stressed, have additions and habits, be unsure of your strengths, be lacking in communication skills and an understanding of what style to apply, or facing difficult situations, choices and boundaries.

Improve your performance in work, study, sport, family and relationships, by developing your skills, discovering and maintain your sense of peace, and working towards your version of bliss.
A calm, firm and fair approach to communication and counselling, supporting and encouraging clients 1 on 1 or in groups, demonstrating empathy and quiet where needed. Flourishing techniques for any age or situation to live your best life, achieve your goals, and be in relationships that are nourishing and healthy.

With over 30 years’ experience in aged care, apprenticeships, counselling, disability and employment services, drug and alcohol services, education, mental health and mindfulness, advocacy, working with Indigenous people and youth.

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