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With 40+ years business and sales experience, Peter Daniels is head of Lead Australia, a specialist Personal and Business Development company providing one-on-one and group coaching programs for businesses large and small.

A Bit Of Background

Peter’s background is rather unique, in that he has just entered his 4th decade of being in business.

Starting out in real estate in Adelaide – at just 18 years of age – Peter went on to sell all types of real estate, locally, nationally and even internationally. His productivity peaked when he sold 128 properties in a year (which would be three times the average in todays market) as well as managing a sales team of eight.

At 32, Peter sought a new challenge. He decided to join an international personal development organisation, and excelled in this arena also.

In his second year, he was the top producer in Australia, and won many sales and service awards.

After 7 years, 1995 saw Peter become the first licensee of Leadership Management Australia. This organisation is represented in over 60 countries and Peter not only excelled in Australia… but at one stage was their number 2 producer in the World!

In 2000, Peter sold out his business, with the view to develop Australian leadership, sales and service programs; and Lead Australia was born.

These Days

Peter Daniels is an accomplished speaker and presenter, and his approaches and processes are unique… because they work! They have been developed and very finely tuned over many years. In fact, Peter lives what he teaches as he is in his 39th year of never having a wage!

He’s been married for 40+ years, and has two grown up children.

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