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Ekonomix has been an industry leader in the Australian Solar market for over 10 years.  While other Solar business’ have come and go, Ekonomix has stood the test of time by providing quality solar installation with market leading service.

Ekonomix specialises in providing economically viable long term energy solutions for both commercial and domestic customers.  Our focus is on sustainable and long term relationships with our customers to ensure the best outcome for all.

Over our history, we have completed over 2,500 domestic installations and numerous commercial installations ranging from small 2kW systems all the way to 160kW commercial systems in locations ranging from South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, the N.T. and numerous remote and outback locations.  Our specialty is not just “sticking a solar system up”, but in quality workmanship and value for money solar.

We have partnered with some of the best installers in South Australia and are committed to seeing their businesses grow with us.  We are selective with our installers because you would be too.  You don’t want just anyone installing your solar system – you want someone you can trust so that you know it is done correctly.  When you buy your Solar System from part of the Ekonomix family, you know you are getting the best value solar system with the best installation.

Other partnerships include national and international business partners.  We can supply custom and bespoke systems to meet your needs.

Ekonomix, can provide for all of your Solar and Solar related needs, including solar generation for residential and commercial premises, single or three phase solar systems, grid-tied, hybrid and off-grid systems, SPPA and land-lord specific solutions, solar security applications, solar lighting, solar air-conditioning and industry specific solar requirements.

Our commitment to excellence in service and customer focussed solutions is as strong as ever.

Call us today for an obligation free assessment of your solar needs.

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