Why a BVH Membership Is the Secret Ingredient to Your Business Success

May 14 / Helen Sampson

Why a BVH Membership Is the Secret Ingredient to Your Business Success

Everyone wants to know the secret to business success. You know the one that happens overnight with very little work? The one business secret that can be doing its thing while you enjoy a much-deserved day on the greens or the open water? Success that happens automatically, like the rubbing of a genie’s bottle?

But guess what?

There’s no such thing. Even for those rare businesses that do well overnight (like people who bought fidget spinners in bulk and sold them at a huge profit), to increase sales past that initial push, they need to work to put things in place that will ensure long-term success.

But what if I told you there is a secret to long-term business success and it’s incredibly easy to put into place? You wouldn’t believe me because I just said business success is hard, and it is, but when you have the right tools it becomes easier.

Business Victor Harbor membership is one of those secret ingredients for business success.

Why Chamber Membership Is the Secret Ingredient to Success

Chambers of Commerce such as Business Victor Harbor, may not be secret societies but they are often underestimated in their ability to help. Here’s how they can assist your business growth in ways that may have been secret to you up until now:

1.      They Make Sure the State and Local Business Climates Are Ideal for Business

Many of us assume that all politicians would be pro-business because business is good for the entire economy, but that’s simply not true. Your needs must be represented as a state and local level. If they aren’t, legislative issues that are bad for business could affect your ability to grow your operations down the line.

2.      Chambers Are Excellent Matchmakers

Everyone knows chambers throw networking events but what some people don’t realise is that they also can help introduce you to people you want to meet. For instance, if you know you need an accountant that has experience in your field, the chamber can often introduce you directly. They don’t charge a matchmaking fee or any sort of commission. They are natural connectors.

3.      They Have a Large Business-Oriented Audience

Chambers serve up top-notch business resources so they attract a business-oriented audience. If that’s what you’re looking for, analyse who follows the chamber and follow those people as well.

4.      They Can Help with Sourcing

Many people know to go to the chamber for their hiring needs, but did you also know the chamber is a reliable source for addressing workforce development concerns? If you have needs for your future workforce, let the chamber know. They can be on the lookout for that type of employee or can work with those behind local training and recruitment to ensure you have the human resources you need.

The chamber does many things that you may not have realised could benefit your business. These activities may not actually be secret but they can be the secret behind your business success.

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