Victor Harbor in the dark – State Government urged to provide support

Mar 7 / Michael Schubert
Business Victor Harbor (BVH) is calling on the Malinauskas Labor Government to provide support to the community of Victor Harbor regarding the impacts of SA Power Network’s planned power outage during April 2nd and April 3rd. The outage will see almost the entire community without power for 8 hours, affecting 13,000 customers including residents and businesses.

“We want reliability, not uncertainty,” said BVH Chairman, Michael Schubert. “This planned power outage will have a major impact on our community and we must get some assistance from the government.”

The 8-hour power outage will affect residents and businesses alike, with life support systems, medical services, pharmacies, food security, 24-hour businesses, and electronic security all being impacted. The lack of backup solutions means that many people may have to source generators for use during this time, with businesses expected to be packed up and shut-down by 10pm on the Sunday.       

SA Power Networks will not be providing back-up generators or compensation during this outage.

“The lack of back-up generators or compensation places enormous pressure, inconvenience, more cost and disruption to many businesses and the community,” said BVH’s Executive Officer, Colin Shearing.

“We are calling on the Malinauskas State Government to immediately assist Victor Harbor’s community by providing back-up resources and not keep Victor Harbor’s community in the dark!”
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