Shining a Spotlight on Excellence: BCS Electrical 2021 “Business of the Year”

Oct 16 / Michael Schubert
Victor Harbor’s entrepreneurial landscape was lit up as Leanne and Glenn Farr of BCS Electrical clinched the prestigious “Business of the Year” award at the 2021 Excellence in Business Awards. Their story of hard work, community spirit, and relentless pursuit of excellence serves as an inspiration for all nominees of the upcoming 2023 Awards.

BCS Electrical, a family-operated licensed electrical contractor serving the Fleurieu region for two generations, has consistently showcased remarkable business savvy, innovative approaches, and a steadfast dedication to providing exceptional service. Their accolade stands as a testament to the enduring commitment, resilience, and collective efforts of the Farr family and their dedicated team.

Leanne Farr, reflecting on their win, said, “When we won, I felt that all the hard work was paying off and gave me a fire in my belly to go on and do better.” Her sentiment was echoed by partner Glenn Farr who was “over the moon winning overall when comparing ourselves to the other companies much larger than us.”

The Farrs credit their success to the supportive community and their dedicated team. “We realised that we need the community and good people around us to be successful,” said Leanne. She also praised her staff, “They felt their hard work had paid off. The award confirmed that they are part of a team and we couldn’t have achieved this without them.”

Witnessing their parents’ success left a profound impact on the Farrs’ children. Leanne shared, “Having our children witness success gave them the confidence that you can achieve anything if you work hard.”

This achievement has also been a boon for their company’s marketing efforts. Both Leanne and Glenn agreed that the award gave them plenty to talk about and be proud of, enhancing their brand’s visibility and reputation.

Looking ahead, the Farrs see this win not as the end, but as a stepping stone towards greater success. “Glenn and I saw how we can be better and more than ever have direction. We found that road and travel together,” Leanne said. Glenn added, “The award encouraged us to look into the future—how to improve, what’s next, and where we go from here.”

As we gear up for the 2023 Excellence in Business Awards, let the story of BCS Electrical serve as an inspiration. It’s a testament to the power of hard work, community spirit, and the pursuit of excellence. Congratulations once again to Leanne, Glenn, and the entire team at BCS Electrical on their well-deserved win!
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