Apr 3 / Business Victor Harbor

Working With the Ongoing SA Water Upgrades in 2024.

As our Members and local residents are no doubt aware, SA Water has begun works on upgrades and additions to the water infrastructure along Waterport Road, Port Elliot – a key route into Victor Harbor and a hub for many businesses (including a number of Business Victor Harbor Members).

Despite efforts by SA Water to minimise disruptions, the closure of this road along with the addition of extra vehicles and traffic management services to Port Elliot Road is already proving to be a hurdle for the local business community. 

The work is vital for the development and growth of our region, and BVH looks forward to our community reaping the benefits of these works in the future once it is complete, later this year.

BVH have been in touch directly with SA Water and the relevant Government agencies in the past few weeks since the public announcement was made regarding the project, with changes already implemented from what we have discussed with them.

We have an agreement with SA Water for regular scheduled discussions with their management team, to provide constructive criticism and feedback on how local businesses are being effected by the works, and to receive relevant updates on the project’s progress. We will continue to provide this information as these discussions continue.

Members whose businesses are effected by the works are encouraged to reach out to Colin, Gavin or Ryan to provide any relevant insights that we can incorporate into what we pass on. Meanwhile, remember to leave a little earlier to allow for the additional transit time, and please have a little patience as this important work continues.

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