Ryan Smith: Spearheading a New Era for Business Victor Harbor

Nov 27 / Michael Schubert
Ryan Smith - Member Services Executive
Businesses in Victor Harbor, the jewel of the Fleurieu Peninsula, are set to embark on an exciting new journey with the stewardship of Ryan Smith, the newly appointed Member Services Executive at Business Victor Harbor (BVH). 

Born and raised in Adelaide and a Fleurieu local, Smith brings a rich tapestry of experiences in retail, brand, business management, marketing, and product development to his new role, promising a fresh perspective and dynamic leadership.

BVH, the region’s premier chamber of commerce, plays a pivotal role in driving economic growth and community development. The appointment of Ryan, with his deep-rooted connection to Victor Harbor and extensive professional expertise, heralds an invigorating chapter for BVH and its members.

Ryan’s affinity for Victor Harbor dates back over a decade. “Around the time my career took me interstate to Melbourne, my parents moved from the northern suburbs of Adelaide down to Encounter Bay,” Ryan reminisces. “My wife and I have been visiting them and spending our summers here for over a decade. This region really is the world’s best-kept secret! We fell in love with the area and always had plans to put roots down here.”

His passion for the region extends beyond personal ties. “I’ve been inspired by the change and development here and wanted to be part of bringing life and vibrancy to the region – not just with my own business, TENEIGHTYONE, but also with BVH,” Ryan declares.

In 2019, Smith embarked on a new career path, earning a Diploma in Event Management and a Cert II in Live Production in 2020, and receiving the Student Excellence Award. Reflecting on this achievement, Smith says, “Returning to study as a mature student, I brought a lot of experience and a completely different background to the students who were fresh out of school. It showed the importance of transferring skills between industries. It’s never too late to start a new path, and you never know how something that may seem so different may actually be useful in your future plans.”

As an entrepreneur himself, Smith understands the triumphs and challenges business owners face. “I feel like we’ll be on this journey together – I’ll either have information for you from my recent experiences, or we can seek out the information for you. I understand the frustrations you feel as I’ve probably felt them too – and I’m also here to learn and gain insights from our members,” he shares.

As we bid adieu to Julie Irwin, the outgoing Member Services Executive, we remember her unwavering dedication to the Fleurieu community. With Ryan at the helm, BVH is set to sail towards a promising future with numerous exciting initiatives lined up to bolster economic growth in the region.

As Ryan embarks on this new journey, we anticipate a vibrant, prosperous, and thriving community that realises its full potential. His vision for BVH and the region – “A rising tide lifts all boats” – serves as a guiding principle for what lies ahead.
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