November finish for mainstreet

Oct 20 / Michael Schubert
As reported in today’s edition of the Fleurieu Sun, Victor Harbor’s Mainstreet Precinct Upgrade is now on track for completion a month ahead of schedule.

Executive Officer of Business Victor Harbor Colin Shearing said it was great news that the Stage 4 Mainstreet upgrades would be completed early.

“This gives local business some early clean air to launch into the festive/tourism main event. Business being able to get on with business without interruption, is way overdue and welcomed by the main street traders” Colin said.

“At long last! Having the bricks and mortar local business community ‘sail’ through the major festive/tourism time of year, without road closures and without COVID, has to be celebrated.”

However, Colin said the local business community still needed to accommodate the Schoolies event at the end of November.

“Although the event benefits accommodation businesses, the trade-off is the distraction and interruption to bricks and mortar businesses adjacent and within the Schoolies Event Precinct,” he said.

“BVH, with City of Victor Harbor, Encounter Youth and all other key stakeholders impacted by the Schoolies Event will be working on this event for 2023, with a consideration of relocating this event. BVH is interested to understand the positions held by all Council Candidates with regards to considering a re-location of Schoolies for 2023.”

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