Nominate for the Board of Business Victor Harbor Today

Oct 6 / Helen Sampson

Nominate for the Board of Business Victor Harbor today

Business Victor Harbor (BVH) is seeking nominations from current financial members to fill vacancies on the Board for the upcoming AGM on 27th October, 2020.

Business Victor Harbor is a not-for-profit chamber of commerce that strives to be a strong advocate for local businesses and support them with opportunities for growth and development to ensure a strong economic base for the future of the City of Victor Harbor.

Our vision is to help create a thriving, sustainable and diverse economy. We aim to do this be supporting and partnering with our members, other businesses and key stakeholders such as local and state government to collectively strengthen and grow our regional community.

The Board works collaboratively to act as a spokesperson for the business community and translates the group thinking of our members into action.

Volunteering as a Board Member of BVH is a great responsibility, but a rewarding experience and attracts some of our community’s most well-connected and influential leaders.

Now has never been a better time to join our Board with a clear vision for the future and a dynamic business plan in place to move our business community forward to thrive.

What does the role require?

Attendance at Board meetings:

The most important qualification of your role as a Board member is the mandatory attendance at monthly Board meetings, held once a month from 5pm.

Attendance at BVH Functions:

One of the reasons for an individual to join BVH is for networking opportunities. Attendance at monthly networking events shows support for BVH and gives members an opportunity air views about BVH operations, Council affairs and business matters in general. 

Confidentiality and Discretion

A Board member is often exposed to confidential information during Board Meetings, during committee meetings, or in conversation with members, officials, members, etc.

Knowledge of current events

BVH Board members are an important force in the growth of the community. Keeping up to date with current affairs, especially as they relate to the community, is one of the Boards’ most important responsibilities.

A commitment of time

A Board member can expect to devote approximately 3-6 hours per month of his or her time to the meetings, programs, and duties of the Chamber.

As a Board member, you will be expected to exercise your business knowledge for the betterment of BVH and the business community, and you will be called upon to vote for things that will affect the future direction of the organisation.

Finally, being a BVH board member is a great honour and responsibility. Board responsibilities give you the opportunity to see your business community in a new light and meet many new people.

Eligibility to become a Board member:

All Board members must be current financial members of Business Victor Harbor. Members are able to nominate themselves for the Board role, which must be seconded by another financial member (check our business directory for full member listings). 

Completed nomination forms can be emailed to 

Positions Available:

Chairperson (2 years)

Deputy Chairperson (1 year)

Treasurer (1 year)

Board Member (2 years)

Board Member (2 years)

Board Member (2 years)

Board Member (2 years)

Board Member (1 year)

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