Michael Schubert - 2023 AGM Candidate

Nov 20 / Michael Schubert
Michael Schubert
Hello, I am Michael Schubert, your current Chairman of Business Victor Harbor (BVH) and the proud owner of ShedEx Fleurieu.

I am seeking your support to continue serving on the BVH board, a position I have held with honour and dedication for the past four years.

Throughout my tenure, we’ve navigated challenging periods, including the unprecedented global pandemic.

Despite these difficulties, our community has demonstrated remarkable resilience, unlocking new opportunities and prospects. These experiences uniquely position me to maintain our progress and propel our shared vision forward.

Though I will not be vying for the Chairman’s role in the upcoming BVH AGM, my commitment to BVH and the Victor Harbor business community is steadfast.

With a career spanning over two decades across marketing, sales, and learning & development in both Australia and the UK, I bring a unique blend of insights and skills to the table. I am confident that these will continue to serve as valuable assets to BVH and our community.

As an entrepreneur with a forward-thinking mindset, I am constantly scouting for ways to grow businesses and bolster the health of organisations in our region. If given another term as a board member, my aim is to ensure the continuity of our board’s knowledge and experience. At the same time, I am committed to contributing even more to the positive change and growth we have embarked upon.

I am deeply dedicated to the Victor Harbor business community, and I firmly believe that my continued service on the BVH board can contribute significantly to its growth and evolution.
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