Melita Hicks – Speaker Profile

Apr 26 / Michael Schubert
Melita Hicks is a shining example of a successful businesswoman who has not only contributed to the economy of the community of Mount Compass but also to the circular economy. As co-founder and owner of the award-winning IGA Supermarket at Mount Compass, Melita has demonstrated that it is indeed possible to operate a business with a focus on giving back to the local community and supporting local suppliers.

By offering locally-sourced produce such as fruit and veg, milk, cheese, berries and eggs, Melita and her husband Bruce have made it their mission to promote the idea of shopping locally while also delivering unparalleled customer service. Their supermarket has been recognised at the national level for its exceptional customer service.

Beyond their commitment to local sourcing and customer service, Melita and Bruce are also passionate about giving back to their community. They actively support many local charities in the Mount Compass region.

Melita’s dedication to promoting a circular economy is inspiring. At the upcoming Business Victor Harbor Circular Economy event, she will share insights on how retailers can take action to reduce waste and promote circularity in their operations. With her wealth of experience, Melita is sure to provide a wealth of knowledge and real-world examples that will inspire fellow retailers to take action towards a more sustainable future.
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