Mark McLaren - 2023 AGM Candidate

Nov 20 / Michael Schubert
Mark McLaren
I am Gavin Daniell, a current BVH Board Member a proud member of the Victor Harbor community where I’ve made my mark through years of service and commitment. Since 2001, I have been the proud owner of the McDonald’s restaurant in Victor Harbor, not just serving great meals, but also providing jobs for 178 locals ranging from ages 14 to 58. My entrepreneurial spirit led me to expand my ventures in 2010 when I opened Aldinga Beach Restaurant, further supporting our local economy.

Having called Victor Harbor home for over 22 years, my love for this community runs deep and is evident through my extensive community service. I’ve always had a passion for giving back, which has led me to serve on various boards including the Ronald McDonald House Adelaide Board and the MAFIP National Insurance Board Australia NZ. I also actively participate on the Investigator College board, utilising my expertise to support education in our area.

Apart from my professional contributions, I am deeply involved in local sports clubs and charity organisations, dedicated to fostering a sense of community and wellbeing. Through this involvement, I strive to create vibrant environments where individuals can thrive and find support.

In 2023, I embarked on a new chapter in my life with the sale of my McDonald’s business. While it was a bittersweet farewell, I believe that my impact on the Victor Harbor community will continue to be felt for many more years. My entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to community service, and steadfast commitment to enhancing Victor Harbor are testaments to my character and leadership.
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