It’s no bluff!

Mar 3 / Michael Schubert
The Bluff Marina Encounter Bay Development could well be a local economic winner, provided it strikes the right balance between environmental, community and business needs.

Business Victor Harbor (BVH) has previously provided ‘in principle’ support for the Bluff Marina Encounter Bay Development, as proposed by Mark Taplin. BVH acknowledges the potential of this project to be a local economic winner, provided that it strikes the right balance between environmental, community and business needs.

“We are excited about the potential of this development and its ability to bring jobs and investment into our local economy” said Colin Shearing, Executive Officer of Business Victor Harbor.

“Measured, well- planned and balanced developments within our region are needed for immediate business impacts and the longer-term economic benefits.”

“Business Victor Harbor is strongly lobbying for a 500+ seated conference facility in the greater Fleurieu, which this concept proposes with a 1,000 people facility and that’s great news! An Adelaide style Conference Centre in the greater Fleurieu region for 500+ is way overdue.”

 BVH encourages Mr Taplin to continue his dialogue with stakeholders in order to ensure that all voices are heard and respected throughout this process.

“We want to make sure that this project takes into consideration both environmental and community needs. It’s important for us to ensure that any new development works for everyone involved – businesses, residents and visitors alike” said BVH Chair Michael Schubert.

“For a community to truly thrive, responsible growth and development is key. By planning new economic endeavors using local knowledge of the region at hand, communities can generate employment opportunities with both immediate and long term benefits. It’s essential that these initiatives create additional jobs – we don’t want what has happened in many of the State’s regional towns where jobs migrate away from the current employment CBD’s, e.g. Renmark, Pt Augusta, Mt Gambier, Whyalla, etc”     

“We believe that this project could be a great opportunity for locals and visitors alike,” concludes Mr Schubert. “If we can get it right, we’ll be able to provide a positive economic outcome while still respecting the environment and community.”

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Colin Shearing

Executive Officer, Business Victor Harbor

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