May 8 / Business Victor Harbor

New Traffic Management Plan Announced for Waterport Road Works

Victor Harbor, SA - Business Victor Harbor (BVH) is committed to keeping the community and local business owners informed about the traffic management plan for the essential works on Waterport Road. After receiving valuable feedback from the community, a revised traffic management strategy has been developed to minimise disruption and improve the overall flow of traffic during this critical period.

The updated traffic management plan comes into effect this Thursday, 9th of May, with works scheduled between Monday and Friday from 6.30 am to 2.30 pm. This adjustment ensures an earlier finish time to alleviate the impact on the afternoon school peak traffic period. Waterport Road will be closed during these hours with a detour in place, which remains unchanged from previous advisories. Additional measures, including the potential use of traffic lights along the detour route and traffic controllers at key intersections, aim to manage morning peak period traffic and facilitate heavy vehicle movements.

In light of these changes, BVH Executive Officer Colin Shearing remarked, "Business Victor Harbor recognises the importance of maintaining open lines of communication and collaboration between our local businesses, the community, and project teams during infrastructure projects such as this. We have worked closely with the SA Water team and contractors to revise the traffic management plan, prioritising not just the efficiency of the works, but also the minimisation of disruption to our daily lives. We believe these adjustments reflect our community's needs and exemplify our commitment to ensuring our region remains a vibrant and accessible place for everyone."
The decision to refrain from conducting works on weekends or public holidays, unless explicitly communicated in advance, further highlights the effort to reduce the impact on local businesses and residents.

For additional information concerning the Waterport Road works, our business community is encouraged to reach out to our Executive Officer Colin Shearing : or call 0413 282 641. BVH and the project team appreciate the community's patience and cooperation as they work towards improving Victor Harbor's infrastructure for the future.

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