Fleurieu Bendigo Community Bank and BVH Forge Partnership to Celebrate Excellence in Business

Feb 20 / Michael Schubert
Fleurieu Bendigo Community Bank has recently secured the naming rights to Business Victor Harbor’s (BVH) Excellence in Business Awards as its Platinum Sponsor. The prestigious ‘black tie’ awards ceremony is planned for Friday 17th November, 2023 in Victor Harbor.

The partnership between Fleurieu Bendigo Community Bank and BVH highlights both organisations’ commitment to developing long-term prosperity for their local communities. Fleurieu Bendigo Community Bank strives to support programs that empower individuals and groups within the region and puts up to 80% of its profits back into the community.

“We are proud to present Fleurieu Bendigo Community Bank as the official partner of our Excellence in Business Award for 2023 and beyond. This partnership ensures that businesses and local communities within the Fleurieu region will receive their well-deserved recognition, while being supported by a strong community bank” says Colin Shearing, Executive Officer Business Victor Harbor.

“This partnership provides tremendous support for our members and the Business Victor Harbor’s longer-term vision of transitioning towards a greater Fleurieu regional Chamber of Commerce”

“It’s important that we reflect as a local community by celebrating and showcasing our beautiful region’s businesses. This support ‘backs in’ local Victor Harbor and broader regional businesses that demonstrate and highlight innovative and sustainable best practices”

“Having the Fleurieu Bendigo Community Bank, partnering with our Chamber and securing the Excellence in Business Awards event’s naming rights later this year is a perfect fit, with our future vision”

Michael Schubert, Chair Business Victor Harbor says, “Fleurieu Bendigo Community Bank’s partnership with us is brilliant!”

“It’s an amazing value add for our current members and potential members. And also, Fleurieu Bendigo Community Bank’s involvement, will add value to the exciting business events we have planned for 2023 and beyond”

“We are delighted to continue to build new partnerships with Business Victor Harbor. Supporting business excellence is key to the whole Fleurieu region, building sustainable businesses and practices”, says Ron Logan, Chair Fleurieu Bendigo Community Bank
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