DeAni Edwards - 2023 AGM Candidate

Nov 20 / Michael Schubert
Deani Edwards
Hello, I'm Deani Edwards, a dedicated businesswoman and current Board member of Business Victor Harbor, seeking re-election at the upcoming AGM.

My journey in the beauty and wellness industry began 10 years ago with SOMA Health & Beauty, a venture born out of a desire to continue providing invaluable services to clients when funding was cut at the carers center where I worked.

SOMA, a home-based salon, is more than just a business to me. It's a sanctuary where every guest is our priority. We offer a wide range of beauty treatments both in-salon and mobile for tourists around Victor Harbor and the Fleurieu. Our commitment to making everyBODY feel beautiful has allowed us to cater to various groups and visit numerous hotels, retreats, and Air BBs.

In addition to SOMA, I created Land of Lilly Natural Skincare, an organic skincare line that embodies my belief in the transformative power of nature. This pursuit further showcases my dedication to promoting beauty and wellness through high-quality, ethically sourced products.

My experience in the industry and my passion for delivering exceptional service have shaped my role on the BVH Board. As a member, I've strived to provide valuable insights, practical solutions, and compelling initiativesc that benefit our community. If re-elected, I promise to continue using my professional expertise and personal passion to serve Victor Harbor's business community.

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