Dawn Peterson - 2023 AGM Candidate

Nov 20 / Michael Schubert
Dawn Peterson
Hi my name is Dawn Peterson I am the Manager of ADRA 6 years tomorrow (1/11/2023).
I manage 31 Volunteers and work around 30 hours as a Volunteer. I have been on the BUSINESS VH board previously and found it very rewarding.

I have a diverse range of skills and enjoy book keeping and interacting with other charities and making a difference in the community.
I enjoy working with other volunteers and sharing the workload. I am happy to learn and share my skills with others and enjoy what Business Victor Harbor does for the local business

The networking space interests me, and I would like to help wherever I can. I attend as many
networking events as I can as this is my form of social activities.
With a unique blend of hands-on experience in running my own business and working in government and corporate roles, I possess a keen understanding of the challenges faced by businesses across various sectors. This holistic perspective allows me to bring innovative and practical solutions to any challenge, while also ensuring their relevance and applicability in real-world scenarios.

I hold a Science degree with Honours specialising in Sustainable Energy Management, a testament to my commitment to addressing pressing environmental issues and driving sustainable business practices. Additionally, my post-graduate training in Business Administration equips me with the analytical skills necessary to assess complex information, extract meaningful insights, and transform them into actionable strategies that generate tangible value for businesses.

My diverse background has instilled a deep appreciation for the power of collaboration and community engagement in driving positive change. I recognise the importance of fostering strong relationships between businesses, stakeholders, and the local community for sustainable growth and prosperity.
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