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Crushing Business Growth & Automation Goals with an Intelligent Digital Strategy

These days, more than ever having a strong and reputable online presence is absolutely vital for driving sustainable growth in small businesses. In this short 3 minute read we will depict an overview of the winning strategy business owners around the globe are using right now to grow their business, increase profitability and reduce unnecessary stress.

Your Strategy

Nothing impactful and sustainable is ever achieved without a good strategy backing it. During this stage you need to evaluate your current: circumstances, business goals, target market, marketing avenues and assess their true effectiveness as well as your total market share (when compared to competitors). Once you have evaluated these factors you can begin identifying opportunities for growth that you can then use to develop a digital marketing strategy that will work for you and your business.

Your Website

Now to begin working towards your marketing goals, you must have your website’s purpose in alignment with your marketing strategy. There are 3 main ways your website can be setup to benefit your business:

  1. Move prospects/customers closer to a sale.
  2. Save you and your team time by automating certain administrative tasks.
  3. Facilitate digital transactions (eCommerce).

Depending on your circumstances and strategy, your website should be designed to address either 1 or a combination of all 3 of these target outcomes.

To provide some guidance, here are some barebone fundamentals every small business website should have nailed down:

  • Must have a clear primary purpose.
  • Must be structured correctly and in alignment with its primary purpose.
  • Must build trust with customers.
  • Must be easy for customers to use.
  • Must have good colour contrast and appropriate text sizing to increase accessibility and legibility.
  • Must load fast.
  • Must be optimised for all devices (especially mobile phones). 

Your Website Visitors

Here’s where things get exciting, once you have a website that’s optimised to convert visitors into paying customers or leads. Your current marketing channels will become much more efficient since your website will help to increase your overall customer conversion rate.

Now what if you can handle more clients and customers? It simply becomes a matter of finding the best ways to get your website in front of the people that want/need your product or services and then doubling down on them.

Here a few examples of marketing channels that small businesses can utilise:

  • Actively Ask for Referrals
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Ads
  • Directory Listings
  • Print Advertising
  • Networking

The whole purpose of marketing through these channels is to create consumer awareness, which then leads to people visiting your website, which then aims to convert them into either a paying customer or qualified lead.

Closing Words

Creating and implementing an effective digital strategy can be quite the challenge to take on alone and if you’re anything like most business owners I know, you’re very busy and already wearing far too many hats to take on another. If you’re interested in finding out how we can assist your business, we are offering free strategy sessions to Business Victor Harbor members, as well as 3 months of our website careplan package for free with every new website project!

Based in Victor Harbor, Jack Monaghan is the sole owner and operator of Fleurieu Digital Marketing Solutions. Jack is passionate about helping local businesses succeed and get the best possible results from their digital marketing efforts. Jack helps people by creating custom digital strategies and implementing them in their businesses. Jack specialises primarily in websites, search engine optimisation and digital strategy consulting.

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