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Clearing The Air - new anti-smoking laws for SA.

New Anti-Smoking Laws in effect from March 1, 2024.

From 1 March 2024, new laws will ban smoking and vaping in a variety of public outdoor areas in South Australia. Regulations under the South Australian Tobacco and E-Cigarette Products Act 1997 are being introduced to address risks associated with passive tobacco smoking and passive inhalation of e-cigarette aerosol. This will occur through the creation of smoke-free and vape-free areas in the following areas:

  1. at early childhood services premises, and education and children’s services facilities (including schools), and within ten (10) metres of their boundaries
  2. at and within ten (10) metres of non-residential building entrances, such as entrances to shopping centres, government and commercial buildings
  3. at public hospitals and health facilities, private hospitals and residential aged care facilities, and within ten (10) metres of their boundaries
  4. (note: the regulation for residential aged care facilities will come into operation 12 months after the day on which the other regulations are made)
  5. within outdoor public swimming facilities
  6. at major events venues declared under the Major Events Act 2013
  7. at and within ten (10) metres of a sporting venue during an organised underage sporting event, training or practice session   
  8. on beaches between and within fifty (50) metres of red and yellow patrol flags, and under (and within five (5) metres of) jetties.

On the spot fines of $105 and prosecution penalties of up to $750 will be issued to people caught smoking or vaping in these prohibited public settings, as well as also $750 fines issued to businesses owners/proprietors who do not provide sufficient numbers of signs in the smoke-free and vape-free area, and in positions likely to be seen by persons within the area.

It is important for our members and other businesses in our community to understand point #2 applies heavily to Victor Harbor - effectively shopping strips like Ocean Street default to smoke-free zones. As stated bove, under this new regime the onus is on the owners/proprietors of businesses operating in commercial buildings to ensure they have provided and displayed sufficient numbers of smoke-free and vape-free signs.

The required "Smoke and Vape Free" stickers are available for free at the below link, which also has .pdf templates should you wish to create your own signage. More information is also available so be sure to read up and ensure you are across these new rules! 
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