Business Victor Harbor Continues to Advocate for Members and Businesses on the South Coast

Aug 6 / Helen Sampson

Business Victor Harbor is driven by its mission to be the voice of the business community as a positive advocate for the future direction and opportunities for the South Coast region. 

The chamber plays an active role in engaging with and providing feedback to the City of Victor Harbor on Council projects, initiatives and activities and works hard to ensure that its members have their say on policy issues related to the region’s economic development and environment.

As such, BVH recently provided feedback to the Council on the proposed â€˜Victor Harbor Arts and Culture Centre’ project. The concept proposes to build upon Victor Harbor’s rich built and cultural heritage by combining four of the city’s most prominent buildings; the Town Hall, Old Mechanics Institute, Librarian’s Residence and Victa Cinema.

"Business Victor Harbor’s position on the ‘Victor Harbor Arts and Culture Centre’ concept is one of general support," said Michael Schubert, Chairman of Business Victor Harbor.

"We believe that a focus on arts and culture can be a sustainable competitive advantage for Victor Harbor if executed correctly and acknowledge the predicted economic benefits and increase in activity in our visitor economy and community as a result," Michael Schubert said. 

"However we raise concerns over the mechanics of the concept as is presented relating to the overall viability and financial sustainability of the project," Michael said. 

Business Victor Harbor have outlined these concerns in their letter to the City of Victor Harbor that can be viewed below, to seek clarification and to open discussions between the Council and the business community on this very important project.

Click here to download "Arts and Culture Centre – Public consultation feedback from BVH"Download

The Association also responded to the 'Main Street - Stage 5' public consultation on Monday. Despite the Chamber's broad support for the concept of Main Street vitalisation, they do have several specific unaddressed concerns with the plans circulated; namely a continual diminution of on-street parking across the city centre and the potential interruption to local businesses during construction.

"With the increased amenity provided through the entire Main Street revitalisation there has been a continual diminution of on-street parking across the city centre and Stage 5 seeks to remove an additional twenty-three (23) car parking spaces in and around this locality.," said Michael Schubert.

"We believe that CVH needs to provide some assurance to businesses and the community that it has adequately assessed this obvious problem and will be providing necessary car parking for the city centre," Michael said. 

Michael Schubert also said "whilst the Chamber acknowledge that construction works that interrupt local businesses is often unavoidable, we believe it must be balanced by the result achieved once construction is completed. We would request that CVH takes an approach to planning and executing Main Street Stage 5 that minimises business interruption during construction."

Business Victor Harbor also raised concerns around the lack of information on the incremental cost that will be incurred by CVH to complete Stage 5 of the Main Street. 

The chamber’s full response to ‘Main Street – Stage 5’ can be viewed here:Download

"As the peak chamber of commerce for our region, Business Victor Harbor will continue to advocate for our members and the wider business community to build a positive, prosperous and sustainable economic future for our region’s businesses and community," Michael Schubert said. 

Should you wish to learn more on Business Victor Harbor’s recent and ongoing advocacy initiatives or to read Business Victor Harbor’s responses to the above mentioned public consultations visit their website at or email

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