Bryan Geerts – 2023 AGM Candidate

Nov 20 / Michael Schubert
Bryan Geerts
I am Bryan Geerts, a business owner who excels in leading and understanding local business needs. Since moving to the region in 2017, I have become a valued member of the Victor Harbor business community, leveraging my extensive experience in business growth across multiple industries.

Throughout my career, I have worked with various companies, including Holden, Star Track, and Bunnings, where I have gained firsthand knowledge of working from the ground up. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and understand the challenges that come with building a business from scratch.

One of my notable accomplishments was playing a vital role in the integration of Star Track and Australia Post. This experience provided me with an in-depth understanding of the ethos of both companies and ensured a positive outcome for all involved.

As the proud owner and operator of Plus Printing in Victor Harbor, I am dedicated to supporting local business owners and community groups with their printing and marketing needs. I go above and beyond to help others, even encouraging the growth of my own employees to start their own brands.

Not only do I have the capability of running a successful business, but I also have the knowledge and experience of helping save lives. I previously volunteered as an Ambulance Officer, and my wife, Deborah, and I provide first aid training to the local community. This is a testament to my continuous passion for helping others and ensuring assistance wherever possible.

I am a compassionate individual who genuinely cares for the greater good of the community.
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