BCS Electrical Take Out Top Gong at BVH Excellence in Business Awards

Dec 1 / Helen Sampson
Victor Harbor’s much-anticipated new destination brand was launched on Saturday 27 November 2021 during the Business Victor Harbor Business Excellence Awards.

More than 180 businesses and community leaders were present to hear the story of how the brand was created, understand its function in bolstering the local economy, and catch a first glimpse of the brand logo and positioning.

The design of the new brand draws on the feeling you get as you catch a glimpse of the township against the backdrop of a stunning coastline evoking a personal connection and draws you in. It centres around the positioning statement of ‘feel it calling’.

The new destination brand launched by Council and Business Victor Harbor aims to create a renewed impression of Victor Harbor as a place to live, work, visit and invest.

Deputy Chair of Business Victor Harbor, Kirsten Pitman, said the brand logo has been designed to reflect the duality of Victor Harbor from a range of perspectives.

“Victor Harbor is an established place with consumers often persuaded by historical impressions. The brand aims to change these out-dated perceptions of Victor Harbor as merely a coastal retirement town, and generate some noise about our incredible local wonders and vibrant community,” said Ms Pitman.

“From our research, we found that there are dual aspects to Victor Harbor. For example, we are a regional city, but have retained a great sense of community. We have a world-class coastline, but our rural features are equally appealing.”

“The inversion of the ‘B’ and the ‘R” in the destination brand logo encourages people to reconsider the notion of what they think Victor Harbor represents.”

“There are many layers to the new brand, with the logo and colour palette forming the key visual elements, and a range of guidelines supporting the positioning statement.”

City of Victor Harbor Mayor, Dr Moira Jenkins, said the community can expect to see and hear traces of the brand starting to appear in a range of places, whether it’s on a banner in the Mainstreet Precinct, within your social media news feed, or in conversations with others.

“The brand has already created a buzz among local business owners, and we are very excited to share it with the wider community,” said Mayor Jenkins.

“We want everyone to use this brand as a foundation for conversations about Victor Harbor, and a reason to reflect on why you feel a calling to our city.”

“Everyone interacts with Victor Harbor in different ways, so we can all play a part in promoting our vibrant city and sharing our positive experiences with others.”

Businesses and community members are encouraged to learn more about the brand and how they can apply the brand elements to their organisation by visiting brandvictorharbor.com.au

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