A Winning Connection

Oct 23 / Michael Schubert
In an inspiring showcase of business innovation, Equine Connection Soul Direction, a unique psychosocial therapy venture, triumphed at the 2021 Excellence in Business Awards by Business Victor Harbor (BVH). The brainchild of Yvonne, this groundbreaking business won the prestigious ‚ÄúNew Business‚ÄĚ category, reinforcing the growing interest in alternative healing methods within our community.

Equine Connection Soul Direction offers a distinctive form of therapy involving horses. Yvonne combines Natural Horsemanship, NLP, Reiki and Psychology to offer a holistic approach to those overcoming life’s obstacles. Her services are especially beneficial for individuals living with disabilities and those recovering from trauma.

Yvonne’s business stands out due to its innovative approach to therapy. Clients engage in outdoor sessions with horses, experiencing a therapeutic encounter that is both unique and natural. By forming connections with nature and horses, clients are offered a fresh perspective on their healing journey.

The recognition from the BVH Excellence in Business Awards has had a profound impact on Yvonne’s venture. A surge in new referrals and a broader audience reach have been attributed to the exposure from the award. Additionally, Yvonne’s confident use of social media promotions has effectively tapped into new leads and significantly grown her business.

Yvonne’s journey is not just a business success story. It’s a testament to personal growth and the positive impact one can have on the community. Being recognised as a well-respected business owner in the region has validated her work in unconventional therapy and her contribution to holistic well-being. As Yvonne navigates her path, she continues to inspire many with her dedication and passion.

Looking forward, the 2023 Excellence in Business Awards is set to continue celebrating business excellence in the region. Nominations are now closed and judging underway for this prestigious event, providing a platform for businesses to gain valuable feedback and recognition. As Yvonne’s story demonstrates, there’s nothing to lose and much to gain from this opportunity.

As we celebrate Yvonne’s achievement, we’re reminded of the transformative power of such recognition. We eagerly anticipate the upcoming 2023 Excellence in Business Awards, set to take place on 1st December, and the inspiring stories of innovation and resilience it will undoubtedly bring to light.
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