26+ Pieces of Summer Content You Need for Your Business

Dec 12 / Helen Sampson
Providing quality content is important for your audience and critical to your success on social media. Your audience members are looking for answers to their questions and they want it all in one nice, neat place. After all, who has time to look for things all over the web?

Nobody wants that.

And once they find what they’re looking for, they will often share it helping you grow your audience even further.

But figuring out what your ideal customer thinks is valuable content can be a challenge. You need to understand how you can offer them what they want.

Valuable Content Tips

Knowing what your audience wants generally stems from thinking about the following and addressing it in your content:

Solving a problem your audience has.
Answering a common question or clarifying something about your product, service, or industry. (For instance, lawyers produce a lot of content on whether someone has a case, what the process is, and how they can begin. A lot of people want to do research on this before they contact a lawyer.)
Entertaining the reader or watcher
Showing a personal side to your business
Inspiring the reader or watcher to something bigger and better
That’s generally what’s on your customer’s mind when they peruse your content. Every piece of content should educate, inspire, or entertain. Good quality content does several of those at one time.

You also want to use evocative images, memes, and/or GIFs to keep them moving through your article. If you’re producing a video, on the other hand, create a transcript with it or a blog post that hits the high points of what you’re saying.

Produce valuable content in a format your audience enjoys.

Make sharing and delivery easy.

That’s it. Those are the basics of what you need to know. Now let’s get into some awesome content ideas for summer.

Tuck these away somewhere or add them to your editorial calendar so you have topics all summer long.


26+ Content Topics for Your Business This Summer

You can use these ideas for blogs, social media posts, or videos but it’s also helpful to tailor them to your business. For instance, “best places to cool down in town” can easily list your ice cream shop. No harm in adding yourself as long as everything you publish isn’t about you.

Another thing…

You might think with this list that these topics aren’t directly about your business. That’s okay. They’re seasonal and the topics are relatable for most of your audience. The content topics should also be fun to produce.

And they will help your business because they’re designed to get a lot of shares. Before you think I’m way off base, consider the exclusive Michelin-rating system for restaurants came out of a travel guide written by Michelin Tires in order to get their customers to drive more. Look for similar complementary businesses or industries that you could write about that aren’t you pushing you. Shine the spotlight on something else your ideal customer likes to do or would be of benefit to them.

Now let’s get right into summer content:

Best local road trips
Worst advice for summer holiday
Best BBQ tricks
Promote Summer specials or offers
How to survive _____ (fill in the blank with something like Christmas Holidays, Trips with the Kids, The Kids Being Off All Summer. Whatever content would be valuable for your ideal demographic.)
Our Team Rings in on the Best Things About Summer (poll or interview your staff)
Best summertime playlist (offer yours and ask customers to add to it on social media or on your blog
Review a local tourist attraction
Create a list of the best beaches for swimming
Smart savings tips
Best staycation activities
Budget-friendly summer fun
Thoughtful Christmas gift ideas
Post pictures from your staff Christmas party
Feature photos of your products or services in their summer mode. At the beach, by the pool, etc. Make it fun!
Gift ideas for graduates (brides, dads, etc.)
Behind the scenes summer fun – What do you and your employees do to beat the heat or enjoy the summer weather? Show your audience.
Tips for preparing your child for the next stage in school (primary school kids moving to high school, to Uni, etc.)
Best summer foods and how to make them
How to make your ____ better this summer (home, health, relationship, etc.)
Fashion trends for summer or a funny post about things you won’t be caught dead in this summer
Pet owner tips for the summer heat
What’s in your beach bag? Feature local products from either your own business or from other businesses that are also aligned with your brand.
Back-to-school must haves
Event planning tips for your summer events
Best jobs for summer school leavers (this could also be how to land a job, local companies looking for casuals)
Share pictures from your store Christmas decorations
I’ve shared 26+ ideas to get you started on creating the kind of content that gets shared. These topics require very little research and many provide an opportunity to showcase something in your area outside of your own business. Those types of nice moments mean a lot to the group you’re showcasing and may lead to an increase in audience numbers for you as they share the mention too.

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