2019 Summary – Business Victor Harbor

We look positively towards 2020 and assure our members, it remains our aim on your behalf to create and foster a vibrant, sustainable, and diverse economy.

We understand the challenges of doing business in Victor Harbor. We all operate in a business environment, not experienced in any other comparable regional centre of South Australia.

Our average household income is about $20,000 less than the state average, nearly 40% of our population receive a pension, we lack a broad base of strong industry sectors; and Tourism, – our primary economic driver (by GDP and jobs) is under ever increasing competition threats.

Yet with all these challenges, we have some fantastic robust long term and emerging businesses. These businesses highlight the importance of recognising a healthy regional community has at its core – a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable business community.

In 2019, on your behalf, we are delighted to advise having completed a number of projects; which you will find listed in the attached report – to view, click on the “Download” button above.

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